• Native Gem Studs - Blue Druzy

Native Gem Studs - Blue Druzy

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Beyond Gifted has hand-selected pieces from  the Ilume collection, ensuring each piece is unique. Blue druzy sterling silver stud earrings with silver and gunmetal ilume crystal embellishment. A stunning and chic addition to your everyday wardrobe. it is believed that the tiny dust of diamond like crystals on the face of a druzy absorb negative energy so that the energy won’t move on to someone else. Wearing a druzy also helps bring harmony and lightness to the spirit. No two pieces are alike, so actual earrings will vary from photo.  Each is a unique jewel. Also comes in other colors. All Native Gem Ilume pieces are made from beautiful rare stones mined throughout the world, and ancient techniques of metal and crochet work. Native Gem is founded on the love of art, quality and one-of-a- kind works. each piece carryies a unique story of discovery and embraces the love of quality materials and unique intricate craftsmanship. The pieces are designed to be worn, using only hypo-allergenic, nickel free and lead free metals for even the most sensitive skin. Assembly crafting is done in Los Angeles with some elements sourced throughout the world, most notably, the United States, Turkey, and Brazil.

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