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Monogram - Cb Slim Charger

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No outlet? No problem! Have phone charging power no matter where you are. Nobody else dare claim it either, with a beautiful monogram.

We've all been there. Stuck somewhere with no outlet in sight...no more! Take charge of your battery life with the ultra slim, compact and light weight Slim Power portable phone charger! Slim Power is the sleek, dependable and fashionable way to have charging power at your fingertips in any situation! Similar in size and shape to a standard credit card, Slim Power will fit into any purse, large wallet, pocket or clutch for ultra-portability! 

·         Credit card sized smartphone charger

·         2200 mAh battery, up to one full charge for most smartphones

·         Compatible with smartphones/USB devices

·         USB charging cable included

·         Built in female USB port

·         Battery life indicator lights

·         Super thin (1/4 inch)


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