• JUST ENJOY THE PRESENT:  The present. We love that word with all it's meanings, and our focus is on all of them. Give a present that promotes savoring just that; this very moment.  Material things hold value only because of what they represent. We believe meaningful gifts are like TIME itself.  It's all about how you spend it, not how much. We strive to provide products to spread some love, hope, healing, or laughter, and unite people and communities. Stop and be present. Just Be! B mindful, B fearless and B 4giving.
  • WE GOT WRAP ON TAP:  Okay so we're not really rappers (as our teen children have pointed out.)  However, we know a thing or two about wrap. Our dedication to concierge-level gifting means wrapping our gifts or packaging them ready to give is always a given.  
  • PLANT AHEAD: Our signature line of inspirational greetings, known as WISHING BUDS, allows for an Earth friendly interactive experience.  Send best wishes to someone without using outdated, last-century greeting cards. We prefer something a little more wild in nature. These inspirations are embedded with herbs or wildflower seeds! WISHING BUDS are made of non GMO, post consumer wildflower seedpaper.  Make a wish on your seedpaper, plant it, and watch your wishes blossom into wildflowers or herbs.
  •  WE DIG THE EARTH:  It's by far our favorite planet! We strive to offer products that are recycled or made specifically for upcycling (re-purposing).  Our packaging, bags, and boxes are made to be upcycled for any use you can think up.  
  • YOU GOTTA DIG IT: Not just the Earth.  We dig inclusion too.  We've been inspired by a beautiful little soul with Down Syndrome and Autism, named Jacob. BEYOND GIFTED is a proud supporter of DISABILITY INCLUSION GUILD, a 501c3 organization, created to break the social barriers between the general population and those with disabilities.  Please check out our products and join us in The GOTTA DIG IT movement to educate and advocate for inclusion for people of all abilities.
  • IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT US: It's about what our clients want to give and receive. But if you do want to know more about us, click here for OUR STORY.


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