Founded in an oil painter’s art studio, BEYOND GIFTED was the unintended outcome of a busy artist’s search for the right gift for her sister’s ailing newborn baby. On a mission for a gift  to express hope, sorrow, and elation, she quickly realized there wasn't much out there that was authentic. As loved ones got cancer, lost their soul mates, needed inspiration, or simply wanted to celebrate joy, she realized the need for a mindful gift portal. In 2014, BEYOND GIFTED was officially launched, incorporating mindfulness, inclusion, healing, and compassion into the gift industry. We operate on the premise that giving is truly a form of art, and should be done wholeheartedly and with pure intentions.

We keep things artsy, sometimes quirky, and always fun. We are always happy to share OUR STORY and OUR MANTRAS. Our team of creative minds uses legit wit and lots of creativity to provide new inspirations for our clients.  We greatly value your feedback which has influenced our product selections tremendously.

In addition to gifts of inspiration that also benefit the Earth like our ONE OF A KINDRED and  WISHING BUDS items, we sell products that promote social inclusion. Beyond Gifted is a proud supporter of  DISABILITY INCLUSION GUILD. a 501c3 organization, created to break the social barriers for people with disabilities, or different abilities.  Please feel free to DROP US A LINE. We are beyond grateful for our clients!


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