About Us

Founded in an oil painter’s art studio, BEYOND GIFTED was the unintended outcome of a busy artist’s search for the right gift for her sister’s ailing newborn baby. On a mission for a gift and greeting card to express hope, sorrow, and elation, she quickly realized there wasn't much out there that was personal and easy to find. She decided to make her own gift.  She soon made a habit of it, and was often delegated as the group gift organizer.  Whether for soccer coaches, teachers, or for any milestone occasions, she was on a gift hunt. As an artist, she loved the fine art of giving, but as a working mom, she had little time to collect money and input from her fellow givers. Unless of course, she made a business out of it! And so she did.  She created and found unique gifts and inspirations, and she orchestrated a group gift platform to invite fellow gift givers with just a click. BEYOND GIFTED was officially launched.

We have evolved into a unique source for gifts and greetings to express the myriad of complex human emotions. From sassy humor to legit wit or profound compassion, we can cover any of life’s moments.  We believe a memorable gift should be given artfully, mindfully, and of course, easily. That's pretty much our story, unless you want to check out THE STORY BEYOND.